Video / selected video / video documentation / 2000-2012

Installation Untitled(Panta Rei)
Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam 2002
Videodocumentation ca 3 min
Materials; Smokemachine, projection of forestpark 22 min, pvc screen, sound.

Installation Rietveld Pavillion
Amsterdam 2001
Videodocumentation ca 2 min
Materials; Smokemachine, plastic foil, steel.

Installation Untitled
Heden in Verleden; NOW, Oude Kerk 2002
Videodocumentation ca 1 min
Materials; Smokemachine, pvc pipe, electronic sensor.

Amsterdamse Bos 2001
Videodocumentation ca 3.30 min
Materials; Grass

Att tro är att inte veta,
To believe is not to know.

Sergels Torg, Stockholm 2005
Videodocumentation ca 1 min
Materials; Diod sign

I can't talk to everyone, video 1
India 2005
video triptyk, 3 videos length 3.20 min

The Koran, Cairo Airport 10.23am 13-01-03

Videoinstallation 2003
1 min of 9.30 min loop

Jag är störst / I am great
Bastard Gallery December 2007
Videodocumentation ca 3.30 min

I am your only answer 2009 / Video 3 min loop launch video

The Leyline Projects
video from exhibition at Reykjavik Art Museum 2012

In the context of LIKA - a performance evening at Kamarade in Stockholm (May 2011), Anna Kleberg and Ulrika Sparre performed a reworked version of Dan Graham's performance Like from 1971. Like, 1971 was never realized before an audience. It was performed by Dan Graham, Ian Murray, and others at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and documented with photographs.
Description/ instruction for Like: Two performers have both been instructed to convince the other (the ways in which) he is like him (or her). This performance is continued with a continual coming closer together, until (perhaps as boundaries of the self are reached) this is reversed. To communicate gesture, verbal means, hand or skin manipulation, visualization or sets of mental attention (or any form) may be used. 
VIEW Documentation at VIMEO 6.55 min

Candyland Podcasts interview with Ulrika Sparre 2012


Vad har du på gång? What are you working on? / 2013-2014 / video interviews / by Ulrika Sparre & Hanna Ljungh presented at Art Athina 2013, Lokal 30 Warzaw 2014 and Berliner Pool 2014.
The serie consists of 3 videos with interview from different venues.


Husby Konsthall

Lokal 30, Warzaw


Ulrika Sparres´ “All is well” is based on an idea of the ancient city guard, also called the Town Crier.
Video 1/2 in the diptyk VIMEO view here


Allt är bra i Östra Göinge
Performance Ulrika Sparre / En kortfilm av Sadik Salem

Ear to the ground / A film by Ulrika Sparre (8,32 min HD, 2017) view teaser in vimeo here

Field recordings of Rocks / Ulrika Sparre GNAP South Africa 2016 / view in vimeo here

DETOUR / Exhibition at ARTIPELAG
Interview with Ulrika Sparre