Ear to the ground (wandering rocks)

Ear to the ground (wandering rocks)
8.45 min HD 2020
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Publication Ear to the ground / Ulrika Sparre
Release SPRING 2020

The starting point for Ear to the Ground is a search for the spiritual and the physical in nature, and how these relationships are created and transformed. The artist Ulrika Sparre moves through the archipelago of Stockholm, across the desert of Death Valley, and into the caves of nomads in South Africa, while crossing the path of Giacometti, as she investigates the land of rocks. She has performed several field recordings of stones in which she reflects on what we perceive and take with us from an experience in nature.

Those who observe from a distance are not involved. Ear to the Ground seeks to break down distance and the perception that there is a "nature" that exists apart from us. In order to face the threat of climate change, we must give voice to non-human actors—the gardens, the cities, the stones, the glaciers. Sparre wants to investigate how our relationship with what we consider nature can be reevaluated by giving it a voice and a possible language. Perhaps by repositioning our perspective, we can give rights to our environment and to non-human actors in our world.

The book Ear to the ground takes the reader on a visual journey, providing an overview of the artworks, photographs, and material collected throughout the project Ear to the Ground. The book features evocative essays by Johan Redin, Sue Spaid, Virginia MacKenny, Virginia Marano, and Jacquelyn Davis, as well as an interview between the artist and Marti Manen.

Ear to the ground (wandering rocks)
Read A conversation between Marti Manen and Ulrika Sparre

Art & Theory Publishing

Exhibition Index Foundation (solo) / Stockholm
Opening 2/10

Field Recording / Death Valley ©Ulrika Sparre 2020

Ubehe Crater ©Ulrika Sparre 2020

Publication Ear to the ground
Art & Theory Publishing 2020