I can't talk to everyone /India 2005

Video triptyk
3 films each 3.30 min

I relation to my project ”To believe is not to know” and the work ”The Koran, Cairo Airport 10.23am 13-01-03” I was awarded a scholarship to make a research in India. Sweden is supposedly the most secular and individualistic country in the world, in comparisin with India which is the most religious.
During the 2 months travel I filmed the triptyk ”I can’t talk to everyone” decribing 3 different religious sermons where individuals through a group-experience seeks to achieve a personal pilgrimage. A pilgrimage which is experienced differently depending on culture and upbringing.

In addition to the videoseries I’ve written the report "To believe is not to know" about the research and record of belief in Sweden and India. India is a society where the mind of the communal and the individualistic person has different expressions and beliefs.

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