Reenactment of Dan Grahams performance LIKE

LIKE, 1971
Dan Graham

Description / instruction:
Two performers have both been instructed to convince the other (the ways in which) he is like him (or her). This performance is continued with a continual coming closer together, until (perhaps as boundaries of the self are reached) this is reversed.
To communicate gesture, verbal means, hand or skin manipulation, visualization or sets of mental
attention (or any form) may be used.

LIKE was never realized before an audience. It was performed by Dan Graham, Ian Murray, and others at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and documented with photographs.

LIKA - A performance evening at KAMARADE with Malin Arnell, Anna Kleberg, Ulrika Sparre and a film by Gunvor Nelson.
Anna Kleberg & Ulrika Sparre met with Dan Graham in NYC in 2011 to prepare for the reenactment.

LIKA - A performance evening at KAMARADE
A talk with Dan Graham

LIKA Performance av Ulrika Sparre och Anna Kleberg

LIKA Återblick at Wanås Konst 2015


LIKA Performance in Dan Grahams Pavillion at WANÅS / 2015
Photographer Fredrik Sweger