life begins with me / series C-print / 2009

Galleri Niklas Belenius 28 May- 12 June 2009

Ulrika Sparre's current exhibition Life begins with me at Gallery Niklas Belenius includes a series of photographs, text signs, installations and film. The perception of nature, higher truth and spiritual non religious experiences are the common denominators in her work shown in the gallery. Psychologist Abraham Maslow´s theories regarding Peak Experiences has also been a reference in Ulrika Sparres new work. Maslow describes how a peak experience can involve feelings of intense happiness and transcendental unity or knowledge of higher truth and that the experience can be triggered by the overwhelming beauty of nature. A peak experience can also affirm the meaning and value of existence.

In 'Life begins with me' Ulrika has staged scenography sets in selected landscapes, forests and horizons in the Swedish nature and depicted them in a dreamlike series of photos. The text signs show individualistic poetry where she refers to the individualist as being the only subject, an effect of capitalism as the only truth. The lonely signs can also be seen as a contemporary example of the (19th century) notion of the sublime search for truth in nature. Ulrika Sparres´artistic practises opens up for discussions concerning several existential questions and reflects over an important perspective on belief and outlook on life in our contemporary society where the belief in ourselves is the main motivation.
Text by Lisa Boström

PRESS ARTLOVER NO1 - läs intervju
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life begins with me
/ series C-print Ed 3 / 2009