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2016 Field recordings of Rocks

Throughout the Global Nomadic Art Project GNAP 2016, the artist Ulrika Sparre (SE) has performed several field recordings of stones and rocks in the South African landscape. The audio presents the recorded sounds of depicted rocks found in different environments. The video presents a selection of 6 recorded rocks which are chosen out of a certain placement or supposed energyvibration of the stone.

Listen to recordings /View in vimeo here

The rock who doesn't speak, Cederberg Mountains

2016 Fair Trade Stones / South Africa

'Fair trade. Nr 1'

Black Dolorite stone (Svarta bergen, Östra Göinge / SE)
traded for Lavastone (Lake Kivu Giseniy / Rwanda).
Ulrika Sparre>>>><<<<Eric Duplan, Pretoria, SA.
'Fair trade. No 2'
Black Dolorite stone (Svarta bergen, Östra Göinge, SE)
>>>>><<<<< White Quartz stone, Cederberg, SA. Geo point 32°29´2 S 19°16´24 E, 840 meter.
'Fair trade. Nr 3'
Black Dolorite stone (Svarta bergen, Östra Göinge / SE)
traded for Iron rock from Karoo, SA. Ulrika Sparre>>>><<<<Kim Goodwin, Kwazulu Natal Midlands, SA.
'Fair trade. No 4'
White Quartz stone, Cederberg mountain, SA >>>>><<<<< Red stone, Hex Valley, De Doorns, SA. Geo point 33°29´41 S 19°41' 60 E, 510 meter.
'Fair trade. No 5'
Leyline stone Adam's calendar. Geo point 25°37'14 S 30°45´33 E>>>>><<<<< Stadshaal Heritage site, Cederberg mountain, SA. Geo point 32°30'5 S 19°19´46 E, 760 meter.
'Fair trade. No 6'
Yellow stone, Bushmenscave, Cederberg mountain, SA.
Geo point 32°30'5 S 19°19´46 E >>>>><<<<< White quartz,
Roode Elds Berg Lake, Sanddrif.
'Fair trade. No 7'
Red stone, Hex Valley, De Doorns, SA. Geo point 33°29´41 S 19°41' 60 E>>>>><<<<< Red and white stone, Yonkershoek Nature Reserve. Geo point 34°0'18 S 18°59´35 E, 480 meter.
'Fair trade. Nr 8'
Black Dolorite stone (Svarta bergen, Östra Göinge / SE) traded for Rhinestone. Ulrika Sparre>>>><<<<Terry de Vries, Stellenbosch, SA.
'Fair trade. Nr 9'

Blue stone 1, Yonkershoek Nature Reserve, SA.
Geo point 34°0'18 S 18°59´35>>>><<<<Red Stone on walking path, Cape of Good Hope.
'Fair trade. Nr 10'
Blue stone 2, Yonkershoek Nature Reserve, SA.
Geo point 34°0'18 S 18°59´35>>>><<<<White Quarts, Cape Horn. Geo point 34°18'14 S 18°25´11 E, 70 meter.
'Fair trade. Nr 11' 
White Quarts, Hex Valley, De Doorns, SA.>>>><<<<Black Dolorite, Llandudno Beach.
Geo point 34°00'18.7 S 18°20´30.6 E, 70 meter.
'Fair trade. Nr 12' 
Black Dolorite, Llandudno Beach, SA.
Geo point 34°00'18.7 S 18°20´30.6 E>>>><<<<Black Dolorite stone, Svarta bergen, Östra Göinge / SE. Geo point 56°23´50 N 14°15´00 E.

Fair Trade. Installation at Örebro Konsthall.

2016 Rise Above / Saaiplass / Cederberg Mountains

Installation with 21 red rocks taken from the ground and placed on 21 poles.
On the land of the farm cows have walked for generations. The red rocks are lifted above the mountain to honor these animals who offered they lifes for the human species living on this land.

Rise above, Saaiplaas.

2016 Labyrinth

Land Art workshop with children in Hexvalley primary schoo. 'Trojaborg' installation with stones.
(homage to Richard Long, 1971)
Supported by Ulrika Sparre & Mahmoud Maktabi, artists & children.
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Documentation of walks in the labyrinth

Video 1

Video 2

Labyrinth. Hex Valley, De Doorns.

2016 Adams Calendar / Black Dolorite stone monument

Adam’s Calendar is controversially suggested to be the oldest man-made structure in the world. Sometimes referred to as "African Stonehenge", it predates both Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Giza by tens of thousands of years. Located in Mpumalanga, South Africa it is a standing stone circle about 30 meters in diameter and has been estimated by some accounts to be more than 75,000 years old. Various astronomical alignments have been identified at the site and it is possibly the only example of a completely functional, mostly intact megalithic stone calendar in the world.
The stones are known for the special sounds and vibrations they make once you hit them. They are supposedly black dolorite stones.
The field recording of the sound stones at Adams Calendar was performed during the GNAP 2016 South Africa by artist Ulrika Sparre.
Thank you for the participation of artists Mbali Tshabalala and Sybrand Wiechers.

Listen to audio recordings / View video

Adams Calendar. Mpamalanga. Photo Izanne Wiid.

2016 Impermanence / Muratie Farm / Stellenbosch

Installation with 100 stones burnt by fire.


Impermanence. Muratie, Stellenbosch.

2016 Sea Bamboo / Cape Point / Cape Town
Performance with Sea Bamboo, Ecklonica Maxima.

Camera by Reyhan Omid (Iran)


2017 GNAP Germany
Field Recordings of Land / Germany
View here in vimeo